Whilst you can plan many aspects of your wedding, one element you can’t predict is the weather. Every bride asks the same question; what if it rains on my wedding day?
Us Brits are weather obsessed and we dream of a sunny wedding day. But you can’t control the weather and actually it really doesn’t matter, if you plan ahead. Then you’ll be able to cope with rain, snow and wind to mean your day is memorable for all the right reasons.

Windy wedding moments

veil in windJust think how amazing your veil could look floating in the wind? The image from Bridalguide.com just goes to show how the wind can help to show off  your veil. Just think if you choose a design that has stunning detailing or is a family heirloom; you’ll have the most perfect images of your veil to keep forever too.
But what you don’t want is flying hairstyles, hats, head dresses or skirts! So have some extra hair pins fitted and bring some spares just in case. If you’re a wedding guest with a floaty fabric skirt, it might be wise to put on your best undies, stockings and a petticoat. All of these could help spare any blushes!

Sun is what every bride hopes for…isn’t it?

wedding sunglasses boxPhotographers actually hate bright sunshine as it’s really not the most flattering light conditions for their subjects. Whilst a bride’s might be asking what if it rains on my wedding day, your photographer will be hoping for slightly more benign conditions.
But if the sun is out, get your shades on for an oh so cool bridal vibe. You could get matching shades in a colour to match your wedding theme for all your guests so you’ll have the coolest group picture to remember! (Image via Rock n Roll Bride).

What if it rains on my wedding day?

kiss in the rain on your wedding daySo if you’re panicking about what if it rains on my wedding day, just don’t! Seriously, there’s nothing you can do but be prepared!  Hopefully your venue has umbrellas for your guests. Or plan ahead and get a giant one. Just imagine how amazing a loved up shot of you and your new husband embracing the rain will look. This loved up couple are totally rocking this look captured beautifully by Bartlett Pair Photography.

There’s also something wonderfully quirky about a bride in wellies. So if you need to embrace practical get up to get around, do it 100%.

Snowy wedding photos anyone?

winter wedding

I totally get that snow is a logistical challenge. If heavy snow is forecast then think about travelling to your venue the day before, if  possible. Or if it is some distance away, at least try and get closer. Contact your venue and ask what access is like – you never know, they might have less snow than where you are! Getting through snowy roads is all about knowing what you need to deal with and making plans accordingly.
But again, loved up snowy pictures of your wedding day will look stunning! Just also think about a warm cape or small jacket to wear with your dress. Then all you need to do it cosy up together – just like this couple captured by Sorensen Foto!

Need more reassurance?

You can find more amazing photos of weddings with weather events via my Pinterest board. So don’t be the bride who worries what if it rains on my wedding day? Relax and let Mother Nature do her worst, safe in the knowledge you’re one step ahead! You’re a modern, well prepared bride and you can handle it!

Need expert help?

And also remember that I’m here to help with all aspects of your wedding day, so get in touch. (But please bear in mind I don’t have a direct line to Mother Nature… sorry!)
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