Some would say it’s a challenge to go to a wedding on your own. But I see it as an opportunity. Here are 5 reasons why its great to be single at a wedding.
  1. People are there to be sociable. It’s a celebration after all. Ask to be seated on a table with other singletons who will be making an effort to be chatty too. Or if you know the singletons attending are single for a reason (!), ask to sit with some couples who are around your age or who might have similar interests.
  2. You can go and talk to anyone you like. It can be hard if your other half doesn’t know anyone at the wedding as you can feel like you have to support them and not leave them on their own. Plus it’s not always easy to involve them every time you’re chatting to others they might not know. When you’re at a wedding on your own, you can move between guests and tables as much as you wish to seek out the best conversation. Just make sure you know some polite get-outs so you can move on from those dullards with ease.

If in doubt, focus on common ground

3. You have an easy opening gambit for anyone you want to talk to. Everyone at the wedding will be focused on the B&G so make them the focus of any conversation openers. Chat about the ceremony, how your know the happy couple and other occasions you have spent with them. Think about some great stories before you get there so you have them to the front of your mind if needed.

4. You can stay as long as you like. If, once the speeches are over you’ve done your best to work the room, but it’s not working for you, leave. Or if you’re having a fabulous time, be the one who has to be physically ejected from the dance floor. When you’re single at a wedding you can stay as long as you choose, whatever time that may be.

5. You can just be yourself. People like smiley, relaxed company. Put on your glad rags, smile and appear approachable. Enthusiasm is contagious. Give off the good vibes and aim to have a great time. You may even be envied because you can be so footloose and fancy free for the night!

See, it’s not so bad being single at a wedding, is it? See it as an opportunity and make the most of it. And if I’ve missed any more of the pros, or you have a great wedding story, let me know!
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