We all want our wedding to be unique to us, but it’s worth keeping an eye on 2018 wedding trends. Why? Well if you’re not sure what style you’re looking for, you can get some great ideas. You can then adapt these for your own tastes. Plus, good suppliers will have an eye on these too so you can cherry pick the 2018 wedding trends you like and easily build them into your special day.

Here’s my run down of my favourite 2018 wedding trends.

Pantone of the year – ultraviolet

Purple is one of my favourite colours. So I don’t need convincing that this is a great colour to use as part of your wedding styling. Adding it to your floral centrepieces or bouquets is an easy way to build in this fabulous colour.

Or you could be even bolder and consider these fabulous purple macarons as part of your wedding breakfast. You could include them as favours for your guests.

Hanging installations

Many of us dream about a barn venue with amazing beams and beautiful high ceilings. Well, if you embrace this  2018 wedding trend you could have floral installations that would completely wow your guests!

If your barn has high ceilings, your table settings can get a bit lost. Having a statement installation can bridge the gap between the ceiling and your guests and adds oh so much elegance!

Dessert tables

If you’re anything like me, a great dessert is essential to a meal. (I’d rather skip the starter and get to pudding faster!) But I often struggle to choose from the yummiest of menus. So it’s with great excitement that one of the  2018 wedding trends is dessert tables!

This means a table laden with tasty options for your guests to choose from. You could still have a traditional wedding cake, maybe only 2 or 3 tiers. Then lots of other smaller options such as macarons, cupcakes, brownies, flap jack bites, meringues. You see where I’m going with this. It basically means I can go back for something different as many times as I like!

Floral wreaths

Wreaths are not just for funerals. And for weddings they’re getting big too. Think human size, statement wreath and you’re there. Think of it as a backdrop for photos (er, move over photobooths!) and a statement piece to wow your guests.

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Freeform flowers

And whilst we’re on the subject of flowers, one of my favourite 2018 wedding trends is freeform florals. Think wide bouquets and table detailing with far reaching greenery stretching right to the edges. Think natural and unstructured but still with all the flowers you would expect in your wedding day bouquet. But this time, they’re not as tamed and formal as you’re used to.

Need some help?

Check out my Pinterest board with lots more inspiration from the top 2018 wedding trends.

Need even more help?

If you’re still not sure how to build one of these trends into your special day, get in touch. I offer a free, no obligation consultation and we can chat over tea and cake and bring your ideas to life!

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