Every couple has a different focus for their special day. The decision around when to book a wedding florist depends on a few things…

How important wedding flowers are to your day

If the flowers are playing a major role in your day, you need to book your florist ASAP. Whilst confirming your venue(s) should be no. 1 priority, your florist can have an impact on the whole style and feel of your occasion. This can include not only where flowers are placed, but also down to other details such as your wedding theme and even the colour or tone of your dress.

Booking a specific florist

If there’s a specific florist you like the work of then you need to book them fast. Professional florists book up quickly. But the really professional ones will only have one wedding per day so they can offer you their undivided attention. So if you delay, you may find they’re already booked.

Your venue needs

bride outside grand wedding venue

You can only really book a wedding florist once your venue (or venues) is booked. This is because you’ll need to work with your florist to decide what flowers you would like where. Visiting your venue with your florist to talk about ideas early on is very useful.

The size of your bridal party

Similarly, knowing how many bouquets or buttonholes you’ll need for your bridal party and groomsmen is information your florist will need to provide a detailed quotation.

Thinking about all the other things you have to do

There’s lots of think about when planning your wedding day. So it’s always worth thinking ahead about when to book a wedding florist. Plus, if you get your florist booked, it’s one less thing to worry about. And if you get a professional and credible florist on board, they’ll help you make decisions easily and effectively – and get a great result.

Boho bride inspiration

Planning your special day is a very personal journey; so thinking about when to book a wedding florist depends on you, your schedule and your priorities.

Whilst I have worked with brides with less than 3 weeks before their wedding day; around 6 – 12 months is a good time to think about when to book a wedding florist. Regardless, I’d love to be involved in your plans, so get in touch and let’s talk all things flowery!

If you need some extra inspiration, take a look at my Pinterest boards or my portfolio.

Gillian Neild, Where Bees Meet

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