What do I do with my flowers after my wedding?

You spend so much time and money planning your wedding. Afterwards it can feel like a blur. So you might end up thinking what do I do with my flowers after my wedding day?

After all, you’ve invested money in beautiful flowers, you need to get the most out of them. Your wedding bouquet is one of the most important floral arrangements for your day.

Thinking about what do I do with my flowers after my wedding day will mean you can enjoy it afterwards too. The key thing to remember with all these options is the sooner the better. If you wait more than a couple of days, you risk your flowers wilting or bruising. Here are a few ideas.

Use them to decorate and fragrance your home

I always provide a vase with my bride and bridesmaids bouquets. This is for many reasons. Your flowers will look so much better when they are hydrated. You can keep them in water until just before your ceremony.

Then the vase can be on your top table so your bouquet will be an extra table decoration – you can admire it as you enjoy your wedding breakfast. Plus, you can easily take your bouquet home at the end of the night (and it won’t be wilting the next day!).

vase of wedding flowers

Gift them to your guests

If you have small arrangements on each table, think who you could gift them to at the end of the evening. If you’re having an arch or statement piece your florist could take this apart. The flowers can be put into jam jars or other containers as gifts. These are easy to carry home even – even when aunt Mildred has had a sherry (or two!).

Make sure you ask your florist to include this in your wedding flowers proposal. It will take some time to create all these extra arrangements for you. But please remember, some of the vases and containers from your florist might be on hire so think and plan ahead.

Have your bouquet dried or preserved

Dried flowers have never been more popular. Plus, you can also have your bouquet preserved and turned into an artwork. So if you’re wondering what do I do with my wedding flowers after my wedding day and you want a permanent keep sake, this is a great idea.

Not all flowers are suitable for drying. You need a dark, damp free space and hanging them from the ceiling works best. It can take a few weeks too.

If that’s too much effort, plan to send your bouquet away for preservation. Companies such as Infinity Flowers or Precious Petals accept bouquets from all over the country for preservaton. But do book ahead!

Turn them into an artwork

Alternatively, you could press your flowers and create an artwork. Buy a flower press or use a heavy book and blotting paper. It only takes a few weeks and then you can put your flowers in a glass frame or even create a paperweight.

So if you’re thinking what do I do with my flowers after my wedding day, do plan ahead! This needs thought as part of your wedding planning.

Florists will source your flowers a few days before your wedding day. This means we can care for them and help them open so they look perfect for your wedding day.

So they won’t last as long as if you had bought them and had them in a vase at home straight away.

The run up to a wedding is frantic and exciting. But if you think ahead beyond your big day, you can have ideas ready to put into action.

I’m always here with lots more ideas for your big day so email me or fill in my contact form and let’s get chatting.

Main photo credit: Boho Chic Weddings.

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