Great quality wedding flowers can really make your day look beautiful. Here are my 5 ways to get the best value from your wedding flowers.

A great florist will always have lots of ideas for your wedding day flowers. I believe it’s worth investing in beautiful flowers as they will really enhance your day – wowing your guests and look great in all your photos. I hope my ideas for 5 ways to get the best value from your wedding day flowers will help you!

ways to get the best from your wedding flowers
The flowers from this loch-side wedding ceremony were also used at the wedding breakfast
  1. Use your flowers at your ceremony and your wedding breakfast. There are lots of ways you can use flower displays more than once. Move your ceremony table flowers to your top table. Use jam jars for pew ends; then put them in the centre of your wedding breakfast tables.
  2. Choose flowers in season. Due to the global flower trade, it is possible to get many flowers at any time of the year. But this isn’t always a great option. Not only is it not great for the environment, but florists know that our favourite blooms are at their best in season. Choose flowers in season and use British grown blooms. It’s one of the best ways to get the best from your wedding flowers. They’ll be great quality and they won’t cost the earth.
  3. Use bouquets for centrepieces. I often supply vases for my brides and bridesmaids, for instance. These are ready with water on the top table and the centre of tables. The bouquets just need popping in. Similarly, this means the flowers get a much needed drink after being out of water for a few hours. Plus they also decorate the tables so they look beautiful too.
  4. Have your wedding bouquet turned into art. Use a preservation service to have your bouquet preserved and reconstructed into a frame. Your beautiful flowers can be enjoyed for years to come. Not just one day. There are lots of people who offer this service. I can recommend Infinity Flowers as I know Jenny does a great job. And this has to be one of my favourite ways to get the best from your wedding day flowers.
  5. Gift your flowers. If you decide to have a statement archway at your church, or a moongate for your ceremony backdrop, you can use the flowers as gifts. Ask your florist to turn any large statement arrangements into posies to gift to your guests. And above all else, your family and friends will love to take away a gift at the end of the celebrations!
ways to get the best from your wedding flowers
The long arrangement from the ceremony table is moved to the side of the top table and the statement arrangements decorate the area behind – and look fab in pictures!

Let’s chat about ideas for your wedding flowers!

Above all else, chat to your florist. If they’re anything like me, they’ll be full of ideas for how to use floral displays, as well as how ways to get the best from your wedding day flowers. Get in touch if you would like to chat about wedding flower ideas or look at more ideas over on my Pinterest boards.

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