Every bride I meet is looking for unique wedding bouquet ideas. It’s perfectly normal to have a bouquet that’s unique to you.

Part of my award-winning service is about offering some different – and personal to you. So I’m delighted to share my latest wedding bouquet design.

The brief for this bouquet was that there was no brief! Other than to create a design with all the flowers and foliage glued into place. Creating a glued bouquet is like creating floral architecture.

One of the main benefits is that once all the materials are glued onto a frame or shape, they will stay in place. Therefore, it’s a very study option – as well as being one of those standout and unique wedding bouquet ideas.

I like using glue as I am able to place the flowers in precise positions to create a shape or effect. Because the design doesn’t often need all the flower stems as well, it’s much lighter and easier to hold. Both of these aspects make a blued bouquet great for a bride.

Unique and pretty is possible!

My glued bouquet features a series of wire circles. These are the frame for the flowers and foliage. I’ve used clematis leaf as well as the beautiful purple flowers. Whilst this is a very modern design, it was important that it looks pretty too. Unique wedding bouquet ideas can be stylish and attractive.

To complement the purple clematis, delicate pink spray rose heads and burgundy astrantia feature in the design too. I’ve made the design feel soft and delicate by adding some small pieces of asparagus fern.

A unique bouquet that feels great in your hand

I created a central point for the design and placing materials across all the rings. This means that there is an obvious holding point – and the bouquet sits surprisingly comfortably in your hand.

I joined the wire circles at the top and there are soft clematis leaves underneath where the wires connect. Therefore the bouquet is comfortable to hold.

glued circular bridal bouquet

It was important that this design is not too flat. Some wire frame bouquets I have seen have no depth to them.

I positioned the wires at slight angles to each other. Not too much to spoil the harmony; but enough to ensure the design is not flat.

I loved creating this design. Making different designs for brides seeking unique wedding bouquet ideas is a passion for me. You can watch a video featuring this design below.

Take a look at my portfolio or Pinterest boards if you’re looking for more ideas. Or just get in touch and let’s meet and chat about your wedding flower ideas.

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