Spring. Love it. Spring wedding flowers. Yes! Nature starts to wake up from its winter slumbers and our wedding season gets underway. So if you’re looking for Spring wedding flower ideas, here’s a round up of the best options for Spring brides.

Peonies. Blousy bridal blooms

pink peonies on glass stand

These blousy blooms, native to China, so are known as the ‘king of flowers’ and are highly valued. As a result they are perfect for Spring wedding flowers as they symbolise a happy marriage, prosperity, good fortune, honour and compassion.

If you have a bouquet of peonies and want to keep them after your wedding day make sure you put them in a vase of water and top up regularly. Peonies are quite thirsty flowers. Also trim the stems every few days too. Keep them in a cool place away from direct sunlight and you’ll get the most out of them.

Ranunculus. To create an amazing tied posy

One of my favourite Spring wedding flowers with masses of richly coloured, paper thin petals that are tightly packed like a rosette. These look amazing in tied bridal posies, but need gentle handling due to their short, delicate stems.


The name means ‘I am dazzled by your charms’ and they certainly get me dazzled every time!

From pale and dark pink to white, lemon, peach, gold and orange, there’s a shade to match every spring wedding theme.

Tulips. Spring wedding flowers – right there!

Tulip wedding bouquet

Tulips are available in a kaleidoscope of colours, except for blue and green, and in addition to the smooth petal ones we know, some varieties can also be found with ‘fluffy’ edges which are just jaw-droppingly beautiful.

These flowers totally signal the arrival of spring and are another great wedding choice as the scientific name (Tulipa) is said to mean ‘perfect love’.

Pink tulips symbolise happiness, good wishes and an attachment to someone – so another flower well suited to use as for Spring wedding flowers.

Cut the stems of tulips under cold running water so they don’t dry out. Change the water every few days and re-cut the stems, plus to maximise the vase life, keep them in a cool place and add a 1p or 2p coin to the vase to keep them standing up straight.

Anemone. The height of fashion in 2019

These beautiful flowers seem to be very fashionable in 2019 and there are some amazing varieties out there.

I used these fabulous blue / purple Anemones from Italy in this bouquet. They were beyond stunning.

Gillian Neild – Wedding Florist, Where Bees Meet

White is the most common colour – you can see them in impressionist paintings by Matisse and Monet – but can also be seen in scarlet and crimson. All totally lush colours!

Sadly they only last a few days in a vase so keep them cool and supplied with fresh water every few days. The stems are very soft and delicate so they need very careful handling.

Daffodil. The brightest of spring wedding flowers

Daffodils on table

The common name for the narcissus plant that arrives in early Spring and symbolises new beginning and rebirth. Giving daffodils means ‘you are the only one’ and is believed to bring happiness. So there’s no better concept for spring wedding flower ideas.

As well as the yellow version we all know, look our for varieties in pure white, buttercream, pale yellow, gold and two-toned.

Narcissi sap is toxic to other flowers so stand them alone for 24 hours before adding to the rest of the bunch. Don’t use flower food as it encourages the sap to flow, and change the water every few days.

Hyacinths. The sweet smelling of Spring wedding flowers

Hyacinths in vase

Hyacinths have a very strong smell – so they’re often used in perfumes. Each colour smells a little different and you can find varieties in cerise, pink, pure white, cream, salmon, china blue, deep blue, light blue and lilac. A great idea for Spring wedding flowers when you would like some seasonal blooms to coordinate with your theme.

Pink hyacinths mean ‘playful joy’ which totally reflects the essence of spring – and the fun of a Spring wedding.

Hyacinths are not for everyone, due to their strong smell and can cause irritation when handled, so chat through ideas and options with your wedding florist.

Freesia. For trust and innocence

Freesia wedding bouquet

This spring wedding flower favourite is named after Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese – a 19th century German physician. But whilst Freesias originate from Africa, they can be found all over the world. As they symbolise trust and innocence they’re another great spring wedding flower choice.

They work well with a variety of colour schemes too as whilst they are most commonly yellow and white, be sure to look out for red, purple, orange and pink varieties too.

Iris. A regal Spring wedding flower

These regal flowers have been linked to the monarchy since medieval times – the French monarchy in particular – which is why their national symbol is the fleur-de-lis, which means faith, hope, wisdom and valour.

Iris wedding bouquet

They are a wonderful combination of regal purple with a flash of brilliant yellow – the colour of Spring.

Iris in field

But did you know you can also find Iris in white, pink, red, brown and almost black varieties? If purple is too strong a colour for your Spring wedding flowers, it’s worth considering one of these options instead.

Need more inspiration for your Spring wedding flowers?

So if you’re looking for more ideas for Spring wedding flowers head over to my themed Pinterest board. And if you’re planning a Spring wedding and would like me to create your dream flowers, get in touch!

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