Lots of brides I meet would like blue wedding flowers. Even before blue became the pantone of the year, it was a popular choice. So here’s some ideas for blue wedding flowers.

Blue has an ability to create calm and confidence, so it makes a good choice for your wedding day theme. If you’re surrounded by shades of blue, it can help you to calm any wedding day jitters!

Mother Nature created so many beautiful flowers. The only thing is, not a huge number of them are blue! But here are some ideas for blue wedding flowers.


blue hydrangea

A British garden classic. Hydrangea work well on their own or with other flowers. They’re an obvious choice for those wanting blue wedding flowers. Be aware that they are big flowers and so you don’t want too many of them – or your bouquet will be huge and heavy!


blue corn flowers

A delicate choice, perfect for a summer wedding. This flower works well to fill in around other flowers, such as roses. I’ll be growing some of these for one of my brides this year, as they’re really easy to grow yourself.

blue thistle


Blue thistle, or Eryngium as it’s ‘proper’ name is a very popular choice as a blue wedding flower. It’s great for all year round use and works well in bouquets and as a feature in buttonholes.

Muscari – or Grape Hyacinth

One of the most perfect blue wedding flowers for Spring. A mass of these in a bouquet would look amazing. Be wary though, as these are an irritant. (I have to wear gloves when I handle these!)

blue muscari

Larkspur and Delphinium

blue delphiniums

I’ve put these two together for blue wedding flowers ideas as they’re both tall and slim options. They would work well in statement arrangements in vases or urns. Or use them in or low, meadow-style arrangements down your aisle or in front of your top table.

Forget Me Nots

blue forget me nots

A very pretty blue wedding flower for a summer bouquet. These are very delicate flowers so use with care. The stems are a soft so use them carefully in bouquets as they can snap easily. As they are small, they can be overpowered by other flowers too. A good idea would be to have small vases of these as table decorations.

Plus, there are other options that work well with blue wedding flowers. Blue and peach is a great combination; or you can add purple too for some depth. Look to nature to show you what colours work well together – think about purple and yellow Iris.

You can find more inspiration on my blue wedding flower Pinterest board. Or get in touch and I’m happy to chat through your blue wedding flower ideas anytime.

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