One of the most exciting moments is delivering bouquets to my brides and their bridesmaids. It’s amazing seeing my brides eyes light up! But have you ever thought how to hold a bridal bouquet?

Knowing how to hold a bridal bouquet means you will be able to show off your wedding dress and your bouquet. So here are my top tips on how to hold a bridal bouquet.

Make sure the design and overall style of your bouquet complements your dress.

Think about the style e.g. a formal design for a formal dress. Or a trailing, relaxed design for a boho dress. The bouquet should never cover any of the details in your dress that you want to show off.

Keep your bouquet – and your shoulders – down.

If you’re shoulders are up, you’ll look tense. If you focus on holding your bouquet low down, this will help you to look relaxed.

bride with bouquet

Shoulders down – and relax!

Know where the front is.

Sometimes I design bouquets as a circular posy. Sometimes they have a definite front. I always design bouquets looking in the mirror so I can see how others will view it. I also look down into the bouquet so I can see how a bride or bridesmaid will view it too. It has to look pretty from all angles!

If the design has an obvious front, I will put some pretty pins to hold the ribbon binding. But these are always at the back. Then I tell my brides to make sure their thumbs stay on the pins. So that way they know the front is always facing forwards.

And it’s the correct way how to hold a bridal bouquet.

Need advice on how to hold bridal bouquet?

I’m always here to help so please get in touch. Or check our my portfolio or Pinterest boards for inspiration.

Photo credits: Ufniak and Where Bees Meet

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