In my opinion, the flowers are one of the highlights of your wedding day; so thinking about how to choose a wedding florist is a major consideration.

I’ll make it easy for you; just choose me! Well, only if we’re right for each other!

Seriously though, whether you want to work with me or not, here are my tips on how to choose your wedding florist. I hope you find them helpful.

Choose someone with a style you like
florist with bride and groom

It’s easy to go for a name for convenience when you are thinking about how to choose your wedding florist. But choosing someone with a style you admire is essential. This will ensure your day has the look and feel you like. From dynamic and colourful; to wild and untamed, there are so many floristry styles.

So have a look around Instagram or Pinterest to find ideas for the style you like and a florist who catches your eye.

Book a meeting

I always offer a free, no obligation consultation. That way we can get to know each other over tea and cake, find your flower style and talk about how the flowers will enhance your big day. Establishing a rapport with your florist is essential – you need to like them and their style so you know you will be able to work well with them. When you’re thinking about how to choose your wedding florist, the florist needs to give you confidence they can do just what you need – and in the way you are hoping. Trust is essential when you work with a florist.

It’s all about the ideas when choosing a wedding florist

When you first meet, it’s essential any florist listens to your wedding plans and then suggests ideas for flowers. I appreciate that not everyone knows the names of precise flowers or has a Pinterest board to match their theme. So I consider it my role to suggest ideas for you and create that Pinterest board to plan what we might do for your wedding flowers. I can guarantee that I’m never short of ideas – flowers are my passion! (If you hadn’t realised that already!)

Wedding florist at the flower market
Ask about availability early on

It can be hard when you find out your favourite florist is already booked on the day of your wedding.

It sounds simple, but asking if a florist is free for your big day is one of those questions you need to ask ASAP!

It’s also worth asking if your date is exclusively for you. When you’re thinking about how to choose your wedding florist, you need to know you have their undivided attention for your wedding day. The last thing you need if for them to hurriedly drop off your flowers and then dash off to another bride.

Think about budget

It’s always my aim to work with the best quality flowers and flower suppliers. Therefore it’s essential to have beautiful flowers both in colour, style and quality. It’s not worth cutting corners to end up with a flower that doesn’t look it best. So whilst it’s good to have a budget in mind, make sure this is reasonable and reflects the time, skill and passion of your chosen florist. And if you’re wanting a certain flower, particularly out of season, your budget will need to reflect this.

If a florist advertises themselves as ‘luxury’ or states they have a minimum spend you can’t meet on your budget; look around for other options. There’s usually a florist to suit most budgets.

But don’t worry, after we’ve had our first meeting, I will put a quote together and we can tweak and adjust it from there. This will help you understand what you want and how much it will cost.

Get in touch and let’s talk flowers!

When you’re thinking about how to choose your wedding florist, it can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t need to be! I’m always happy to meet for a no obligation chat – I’ll happily talk about flowers all day if I can – so you can ask all the flowery questions you like! Just get in touch.

If you need some daily inspiration, you’ll find lots of flower ideas over on my Pinterest or view my portfolio.

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