Okay, so your big day plans are delayed until next year. But now is the time to look around for ideas for a flowers for a summer wedding.

Tall flowers for drama and impact

If you’re looking for drama, think tall striking flowers such as Gladioli. Did you know that the name for Gladioli comes from the Latin, Gladiolus. It means ‘small sword’ and symbolises strength and victory. It certainly does look sword-like!

Gladioli are available in most colours and even bicoloured varieties. So if you dream of a coloured, festival style vibe, these are perfect flowers for a summer wedding.

flowers for a summer wedding

If you like something tall, but a little softer. Snapdragons, or Antirrhinum in Latin, are a great choice. The name means ‘flower resembling a nose’ – brilliant! This refers to the snapdragon’s unusual flower shape.

There’s lots of fabulous colour choices here too, often in softer and more muted shades. Great if you’re wanting flowers for a summer wedding with more pastel tones.

Summer is for sunflowers!

But when thinking about summer, we always think of sunflowers!

flowers for a summer wedding

Sunflowers, or Helianthus, orignate from the US. Spanish sailors brought them to Europe in 1530. The name Helianthus comes from the Greek words for sun (Helios) and flower (Anthos).

We always think of sunflowers as being yellow – thanks to Van Gogh! But there are also cream, brown, orange and even bicoloured versions. Imagine how amazing a mix of the different colours in a bouquet or arrangement would look!

bride with sunflower wedding bouquet and wearing flower crown

They also come in various sizes, from 5 – 15cm – often OK for buttonholes or smaller posies, to 15 – 30cm. The bigger sized heads are perfect for statement arrangements. Just imagine a sunflower archway for your ceremony!!!

And when you’re planning flowers for a summer wedding why not choose seasonal, British flowers? There’s so many amazing farmers who are passionate about growing great quality British flowers.

If you’re wanting ideas for flowers for a summer wedding, then get in touch and let’s get chatting!

Image credits: Photography by KathrynFunnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk, Ufniak Photography

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