Fresh flowers are often well travelled before they reach the UK, so it’s a good idea to choose British for your wedding day blooms.

Choose British for your wedding day blooms from flowers by season

This week, I was lucky to be able to visit one of the flower farms cultivated by the team at Flowers By Season. They grow a wide range of seasonal cut flowers and foliage from April to October to both florists and for events.

I have to admit to being very sceptical. I don’t know why, but I thought British flowers would be short and stubby and a bit floppy. Basically, they would be disappointing.

We don’t have the sunshine enjoyed by major flower growing countries like Kenya or Ecuador; so British grown flowers would never compare.

And how wrong I was!

When you arrive in a flower paradise

Firstly, the walled garden where Suzie, one third of the team, and also known for working as a florist at Picked at Dawn, is stunning. As we got inside, I knew I had found a heavenly place. The view alone was enough to know the reasons to choose British for your wedding day blooms.

Choose British for your wedding day blooms

Her garden was beautifully and neatly laid out. Rows of flowers with grassed walkways between graced the scene. Colour was everywhere. Greens, pinks, whites, purples, reds. The sound of tweeting birds and buzzing bees was overwhelming!

Greenhouses and poly tunnels added sheltered and more temperate growing space. Here more delicate plants found shelter and seeds germinated. Even the compost heap was fascinating. And great to see.

A bucket of joy

Choose British for your wedding day blooms

I obviously didn’t leave without a bucket of seasonal flowers. A bucket of joy that in itself was the perfect reason to choose British for your wedding day blooms.

Vibrant pink campanula. Deep purple scabious. Pink astrantia. Yellow and white daisies. Every stem was vibrant. Every stem was tall. Each and every stem was strong and beautiful.

bucket of british flowers

I collected the bucket that Suzie had prepared for me with glee. Upon returning home, I had a wonderful play with my beautiful British flowers. And what an experience! In so many ways they surpassed my expectations.

British flower arrangement

Tall, strong stems. I mean, really tall. Too tall in fact! Beautiful colours. Gigantic flower heads. But these flowers signified so much more than this.

This was the first time I had bought a bucket of flowers that were 100% British. There was no plastic wrapping. No air miles were involved. No waste that made me feel guilty. I met the person that grew them. We sat in Suzie’s garden and enjoyed a lovely cuppa and great chat about flowers. A definite added bonus.

I had no reason to be nervous. It was easy to be 100% impressed. I sincerely hope that I can encourage brides to choose British for your wedding day blooms. It’s so worth it.

Interested in working with me – and British flowers?

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