I love taking part in styled photo shoots. It’s a great opportunity be creative and try new skills. I decided to do some historical research for a 1930s themed photoshoot. I was curious to see what 1930s wedding flower inspiration I could find and what flowers brides carried 90 years ago.

After World War I formal weddings became more popular. Ladies realised they needed help with their suppliers for catering, invitation, flowers and the like. So the job of the wedding planner was born.

Then the 1920s and the jazz age came along, so parties were definitely becoming the thing! The Great Depression came in the 1930s, leaving America its longest economic downturn in history. But as Prohibition ended in 1933, it was legal to buy alcohol again and the parties returned.

Bridal magazines hit newsstands in 1934. Brides magazine became the home to all the wedding inspiration ladies needed. Although it was first called So You’re Going to Be Married before it was renamed.

Were 1930s brides more eco friendly?

Not all brides had flowers at their wedding. And those that did, grew them in their own garden. But when looking for 1930s wedding flower inspiration, one style that does seem to be common in the sheath style, worn across the arm.

So I used this inspiration to create a sheath style with simple, yet beautiful, roses and lots of greenery. It’s a minimal style, but still oozes glamour and style. I loved creating it!

1930s wedding inspiration

Need some more inspiration?

Whether you’re looking for 1930s wedding flower inspiration or perhaps something more modern, I’m here to help. I’m passionate about flowers and creating designs for your special day. I have lots of ideas and inspiration so the designs I create are just for you. Get in touch and let’s get chatting; plus don’t forget there’s more ideas in my portfolio or my Pinterest boards.

You can see this photoshoot and my designs featured on Brides Up North.

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