No bride wants sore feet on her wedding day, particularly when you’re wearing those killer heels you’ve always lusted after. So here’s 8 ways to break in your dream wedding shoes.

1. Wear them around the house

Pop on some socks for comfort and to help with rubbing and you’ll be able to stretch them in gently to the shape of your feet. But without the pain. (Apparently the ladies in waiting do this for the Queen!)

2. Wear them in your office

Pop on a long skirt or trousers so they’re less visible. This is a good option if you don’t want your hubby to be to see them before the big day. Plus if your workplace has carpets, this will be much more comfortable as you break in your dream wedding shoes.

3. Wear for short spurts

As you break in your dream wedding shoes, wear them for short periods of time. Wherever and whenever you decide to wear them, give you feet a chance to get used to them. In time your feet will love them as much as you do. Plus, you’ll get used to walking around in them more comfortably.

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4. Use a shoe shaper

A bit of persuasion from a shoe shaper will mean more softer and worn in shoes. Put a few socks over the shoe within the shaper inside to create a micro climate. This will achieve faster results to help break in your dream wedding shoes. Plus you could also try a shoe stretching spray for maximum effect – but test on a small area first!

5. Be prepared on the big day

If you do get issues on the day, such as blisters, have some blister cushions or corn pads handy. Ask one of your bridesmaids to carry essentials like this for you, should you need them. Or hire a planner like me and I’ll have thought about this for you and carry everything you might possibly need in my essentials box!

6. Fresh feel equals comfy feet

Another tip is to spray your feet with antiperspirant. This can reduce sweating which also means less blisters. Who knew?!?!

7. Focus on areas that might rub

Soften the heel backs, or another area that is rubbing when you wear your shoes, with the back of a spoon. This mimicks the effects of your foot moving around in the shoe. So you’ll have your shoes nice and soft but without the pain it might have taken to make them comfortable. Brilliant!

8. Get someone else to break in your dream wedding shoes

If money is no option, and for every fabulous bride, it shouldn’t be! Use the expertise of a shoe stretching service, such as who will stretch your shoes twice over a three day period to break them in ready for wear. This is also a good service for shoes you will be standing up for long periods in (or partying the night away in!).

If you’ve purchased those dream wedding shoes then you need to enjoy them to the max on your big day. Hopefully my tips will help. I’m full of ideas and inspiration so don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can work together to make your special day spectacular.

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