Have you ever thought about how to look after your wedding bouquet so you can enjoy it during and after your big day? Here are my top tips.

Keep it hydrated

Keep it in water for as long as possible before your ceremony. Your bouquet will look at it’s best when it is fully hydrated. Have vases on your top and guest tables. You can put your bouquet back into water once you arrive ready for your wedding breakfast.

This is a great opportunity to use your wedding bouquet again by using it to decorate your tables. Think about having a vase on each guest table so your bridesmaids can put theirs around your venue too. You can even put a bouquet on your cake table.

Flowers like to be cool – but not cold

Store your wedding bouquet in a well ventilated and cool place. Flowers last for longer when not in direct sunlight. But it doesn’t – and shouldn’t – end there.

Here’s how to look after your bridal bouquet once you’re home. Untie your bouquet so you can put the flowers in a good amount of water in a vase. Put your bouquet in fresh water – and make sure you change the water every few days. This helps to reduce the build up of bacteria which can spoil your flowers.

Trim the stems by a centimetre or so every few days. The lower part of the stems can get clogged up and then the flowers can’t take up water. By trimming the stems it helps fresh water reach the entire flower.

It’s very easy to care for your wedding bouquet if you follow some very simple tips. Your wedding day can go so fast. So if you know how to care for your bridal bouquet, you can enjoy afterwards and help cement some lovely memories in your brain.

There’s even more inspiration via my IGTV channel.

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Need any help or advice?

I’m always ready to help with ideas for your wedding bouquet. And I’ll always make sure you have a vase with your bouquet throughout your big day. And to take your bouquet home in. Get in touch to arrange a consultation or check out my portfolio or Pinterest boards to see my work.

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