Nothing beats treating yourself or receiving a surprise bouquet of fresh flowers. But cut flowers don’t last forever. So here’s how to care for cut flowers so you can keep them at their best for as long as possible. Then you’ll just have to buy some more!

Start clean

Your cut flowers will get the best start if you have a clean vase. Bacteria and dirt is not good. A little drop of bleach will help make sure your vase is clean.


Use fresh water, not cold. And it’s important that you change the water regularly.

how to care for cut flowers

Use flower food

Dilute the flower food given to you by your florist in the vase water. The flower food is one of the most important aspects in how to care for cut flowers. The food has nutrients your blooms need. Use the right amount outlined on the label.

Trim the stems

When your bouquet arrives, trim approximately 2cms from the stems. Cut at an angle as this creates more surface area for the flowers to take up the water containing the flower food. But it doesn’t end there. When you change the water, trim the stems again.

Did you know that some flowers continue to grow after picking? Tulips are a great example. I think they look better when they are neat and tidy in the vase. So keep trimming.

how to care for cut flowers

Remove foliage

Be sure to remove any foliage below the level of the water. Remember that bacteria is not good for your flowers. Any leaves in the water will get soggy and start to degrade. Then bacteria will get into the water. This is not a good way on how to care for cut flowers.

Keep your bouquet cool

Your flowers will last longer if you keep them cool. A vase of flowers in the sun will not survive as long.

Check on your bouquet

As some flowers start to wilt, remove them from the vase. This will help the rest of the bouquet to look pristine.

I hope you find these tips on how to care for cut flowers useful. Why not take advantage of my weekly bouquet delivery service for yourself or a loved one. But make sure you follow these tips!

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