When it comes to wedding styling, I openly admit I have a major obsession with ribbons! So in this post, I’m really going to encourage you into using ribbons in your wedding styling! So have you ever stopped to think how the fashion for ribbons came about?

Cultures around the world use ribbon in their hair, around the body, and as ornamentation on non-human animals, buildings, and packaging. I guess that means we can pretty much use them anywhere! Especially in wedding styling.

I’ve been involved in many ribbon cutting ceremonies as part of the corporate events I have planned and managed during my career. This has often involved some interesting VIPs too! When opening a new facility, a ribbon cutting is the photo that also often made it into the local papers! Good times!

A trend for hand dyed ribbons

hand dyed ribbons for wedding styling

I was delighted to receive a recent package from The Artisan Wedding House. Miriam offers a complete wedding styling service and has some fabulous hand dyed ribbons and table runners too. Images of the ribbons she offers are found throughout this post – I hope you like them as much as I do!

Go natural with ribbon styling

The textile industry is one of the most wasteful industries, using an excessive amount of water, toxic chemicals, energy, and labour. One way to help with this is to use natural dyes, with plants collected from nature or purchased.

hand dyed ribbons

I had a go at dyeing some silks with avocadoes and mahonia berries. Let’s just say, if it worked out exactly as I’d hoped, I’d be sharing it in this post!!! I will try again though, so watch this space!

Some popular fabrics used to make ribbons are satin, organza, sheers, silks, velvet and grosgrain. I think natural materials give the silk a more organic, imperfect look, which is perfect for wedding styling. Especially if you’re looking for a rustic or romantic vibe for your day.

When and where did ribbon weaving start?

Ribbon-weaving is known to have been established near St. Etienne as early as the 11th century, and that town has remained the headquarters of the industry. During the Huguenot troubles, ribbon-weavers from St. Etienne settled at Basel, and established an industry.

It is this industry, which in modern times has rivalled that of the original seat of the trade. Krefeld is the centre of the German ribbon industry; the manufacture of black velvet ribbon being there a speciality. In England, Coventry is the most important seat of ribbon-making, followed by Norwich and Leicester.

Using ribbons on your wedding styling

I was also fortunate to have Sharon from Northern Hands take part in a recent styled shoot. The shoot was the opportunity to feature some big wedding styling trends for 2018. And Sharon’s hand dyed, silk ribbons also worked really well.

purple wedding shoes

Sharon’s ribbons played a starring role in the wedding styling for the chairs and stationery. Jemma from Bespoke Design by J added ribbons to her beautiful shoes too.

Need inspiration or help?

There’s lots more ideas for ribbon styling on my portfolio. Plus, I’m always up for a cuppa and a chat about your wedding ideas or styling challenges. I offer a free consultation with no obligation so get in touch and let’s meet up.

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