Having amazing floral displays can bring any wedding scene to life. But if you’re allergic to flowers your special day could be severely spoilt. Here’s some inspiration to style with herbs instead.

Place setting with herbsAdd a floral print if you’re missing flowers

Rosemary takes centre stage with a cute button detail – this herb arrangement could even be replicated in your button holes.

I simply snipped some sprigs of rosemary from the garden, tied white ribbon around and carefully threaded the ribbon through the button holes.

The floral napkin adds colour and allergy free flowers.

Glass vases, herbs and mossMoss makes a great, low level detail to your tablescape (see right).

I gathered this moss from my garden too. White and green are really good company when combined together. Wee see it in nature all the time, so use this in your table styling too!

Here white buttons are threaded onto ribbon and tied around the middle of the glass jar.

Herbs in vases? Why not!

Small vases of rosemary and thyme finish the effect.

Glass vases and herbs

I really love collecting small glass vases – well any glass vases really!

The combination of rosemary and thyme and the simple glass tea light holders make a simple yet charming tablescape.

Using small vases and tea light holders are also practical as they don’t take up a large amount of space on the table – leaving more room for food and drink!

Level tea lights next to the moss work just fine as the moss lies close to the table. I simply placed the tea lights in position and ‘wrapped’ the moss around them.Moss and candles

Some small pieces of moss will come away but don’t worry as they can either be brushed into the main arrangements or tidied off the table.

Moss and white table linenEmbrace the trend for greenery

Greenery is the pantone colour of 2017 so having herbs is a great choice if you like this trend.

The combination of greens and white linen make a stylish, yet effortlessly simple combination that is sure to delight your guests – either for a dinner at home or a wedding or other party tablescape.

Need ideas?

You can find even more ideas via my portfolio. Or get in touch if you would like any styling ideas  for your special occasion.

I would be delighted to plan with you to make your special day spectacular!

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