Welcome to my urban jungle! I get in trouble for the amount of houseplants I have! My aim is to bring the outdoors in and be surrounded by lush greenery in every room of the house…

Truth is, plants are good for us. They help clean the air so our homes stay healthy. Plus, for me, I find it quite relaxing caring for the members of my urban jungle.

It can take me more than an hour or two if I’m doing more than just simple watering. If I’m soaking my orchids (which I do every two weeks) that takes even longer. I leave them in the bath until all the excess water has drained away! We’re shower people in our house so it’s one of the only times our bath gets used!

I’m finding at this time of year that watering is more more difficult. Some of my plants are in hibernation and growing more slowly so they don’t need feeding – and they need even less water. I have also moved some plants around temporarily so thy’re closer to the windows for precious winder light. I sometimes feel like my urban jungle maintenance is a full-time job!

Plant friends for life

Some of my plants have been friends for years. Like the fig on the upstairs hallway which is now taller than me and just seems to grow and grow. It’s happy and I’m happy. It’s a regular trip to the shower for him, so I can wash off the dust from his leaves and give him a good drink.

I am also obsessed with taking cuttings. And it’s not that I need any more plants. But I like the satisfaction of knowing I have created more. You’ll often find me giving cuttings and smaller plants away. I like to think I’m encouraging urban jungle development elsewhere.

Wedding styling with plants?

One day, my hope is that I’ll have a bride or groom who would like their wedding styling with plants. Or they’re having a wedding in a palmery or greenhouse. That would be heaven to me! You can see my palmery styling on another blog post and my portfolio.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if this is you! (Just don’t ask me for plant advice, okay!) Oh and don’t forget my Pinterest boards for more inspiration!

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