To be part of a city centre elopement photoshoot was such a unique and amazing experience.

It’s quite a thing to be walking around Leeds with a bunch of very cool people. I’d never been part of a city centre elopement photoshoot before! Wedding dresses scooped up. Make-up touch-ups on hand. Cameras galore. My beautiful bouquet of flowers cradled in my arms.

This city centre elopement photoshoot was a whole new thing for me! Natalie Pluck, the photographer, was seeking to achieve something modern – but a touch of boho. This would underline the connection between two people in this modern, minimalist setting.

There’s so many buildings in Leeds, so the backdrop offered infinite possibilities. Once you started to actually look, the opportunities were endless.

Dreamy photos, concrete backgrounds

My favourite location was the top level of a car park that was open so we had a panoramic view of the city. (Health and safety types hadn’t enclosed this one in!) There were also so many walls with interesting textures that made the colours sing out.

I love meeting new creatives and this shoot didn’t disappoint. Kellie and Emma from The Briar Rose Co had such wonderful ideas for make-up. Their amazing skills combined to create a warm, rich look that worked so well in the urban setting. Perfect for a city centre elopement photoshoot.

Katie from Sasso Bridal Accessories had quite the treasure trove of goodies! Her amazing style shines through in the dress and accessories and she helped our real-life ‘models’ feel at ease.

Colourful flowers without being overpowering

For the flowers, I wanted to create designs in keeping with the urban feel that also suited the boho vibe. Browns, reds, pinks and greenery were a key part of the brief . The results show you can use colour in your wedding flowers without it being overpowering.

I chose pink Protea, warm apricot roses, rich red Hypericum berries, a pop of yellow Craspedia, and lush greenery for the bouquet. A chicken wire ‘egg’ I made meant I could feed the stems through and help to create a wider shape to the design.

The buttonhole also featured Craspedia (one of my favourites!), and the Hypericum berries. The designs for this city centre elopement photo shoot were complete with fragrant herbs. We could smell these all the time! (The mint made us crave Mojitos, but we stayed focused on the shoot!) It was at this point I decided to add herbs to pretty much everything I do! They worked so well!

The photo shoot would not be possible without the wonderful Rebecca and Kelly. They’re a fabulous couple with an amazing story about their relationship – and being mummies to Amelia.

It was a joy to be part of this amazing real-life couple elopement photo shoot. It’s great to work with creative and passionate people. And what a joy to look up and see the city where I live with new eyes.

Need ideas for your wedding flowers?

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Need more inspiration?

You can see more images from this city centre elopement photo shoot on my portfolio.

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