Lots of parties include people with a range of ages. Make time to think about all your guests with party ideas for all ages which means everyone has a great time. Here are my top five suggestions.

geese herding - party ideas for all ages
Outdoor wedding? Geese herding is a fun activity all ages can enjoy

1. Entertainment

As your day develops, it lends itself to different types of activities that all ages will enjoy. So if it’s in the summertime, think about garden games. Go competitive with a rounders match or sports day style games; or more sedate with croquet, quoits or boules. Teams of all ages can be combined for a treasure hunt – especially if you have elements that rely on different abilities and knowledge.

One wedding last year included hire of old fashioned swing boats. These were illuminated with fairy lights and looked really pretty – and were popular with the adults and kids too!

2. Dinner time

keep children busy during the wedding breakfast - party ideas for all ages
Personalised colouring books always make young guests feel welcome

Whilst you may want to have a sit down meal, some children find this dull. Start by having a kids table – think lower table and smaller chairs, with lots of activities to keep them occupied between courses.

Personalised goodie bags mean you can tailor the contents to children of different ages and interests. They’ll love anything with their name on as it will make them feel super special.

3. Flex the menu

Make sure you hire a caterer that can create options all your guests will love.

If you’re having a summer afternoon tea, cut sandwiches with cookie cutters into fun shapes for kids. Have mini cakes that little and elderly fingers can easily handle and eat without too much mess and fuss.

Mini cakes - party ideas for all ages
Mini cakes are perfect for little appetites

If you’re having a formal meal more suited to adults, don’t make it too hard work for older guests to both cut and swallow. And don’t make the portion sizes too overwhelming.

I always make a real fuss when I serve specially created food to children. It’s important they know it is made just for them. The look on their faces is just brilliant; and it’s someone other than mum or dad giving them a cue to clear their plate!

Also think about drink options beyond the predictable when considering party ideas for all ages. Jugs of squash for kids; jugs of something more refined such as elderflower cordial for adults who are driving or prefer not to drink alcohol. There are so many non alcoholic options from cordials to root beers; having an eye on details like this will delight your guests.

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4. Quiet area

sleeping bridesmaids - party ideas for all ages
When it gets too much, bucket chairs make great beds! Better to plan a chill out area though.

Whether it’s somewhere for older guests to chill out with a cuppa; or for breastfeeding mothers to have some privacy, have a quiet area for your guests. I know some golden oldies who love a good boogie – but they then like a good sit down afterwards! When families and friends get together, they like a space to catch up and enjoy a good conversation that isn’t dominated by loud music.

Having tea and juice on tap in an area like this is often appreciated – and a great party idea for all ages to delight guests.

5. Space to go crazy

And from one extreme to another… Remember parties are for fun and letting off steam – of different varieties! Little legs have lots of energy so make sure there is safe, enclosed outdoor space for kids to run around in. Adults like to let off steam on the dance floor or with a cheeky shot (or two!) at the bar. Think about the party ideas for all ages that you could build in to your event to delight all of your guests and make the day really special for them.

If you need more ideas, check out my Pinterest boards with party ideas for all ages. Or if you need even more inspiration, get in touch and we can work together to tailor ideas to make your special day spectacular – for all your guests.

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