If you’re anything like me, you have too many things to juggle all at once. This is the year I decided to start my wedding planning business. So much to do! But I needed to stop panicking and start planning, so created a handy wedding business planning grid to focus my energy. Turns out its not half bad, so I’m sharing it (Planning Grid) and hope you can benefit from using it too.

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As I develop my new events planning business it’s wonderful to have so many ideas and so much to do. But at the same time, I’m overwhelmed. I have to think strategically so that everything I do fits into my strategy. I have social media to sort out. People to meet and connect with. A website and blog to fuel. And not forgetting a trillion ideas for styled shoots I’d love to do. (Well, it sometimes feels like a trillion!)

I was getting bogged down and my lists became unmanageable. I couldn’t go on like this as I wasn’t achieving anything. And I was getting more anxious about not getting anywhere – or that’s how it felt. So I created a one page Planning Grid and it’s working well for me right now. Here’s how I devised each section.

Breaking down the effort under manageable headings

At the very top, there’s a gap to add the week or month to help with the ‘timely’ part of your planning. I’m doing this to cover 2 weeks; but you might feel it’s more manageable to do this on a monthly basis.

Then onto space for 3 strategic objectives. These are the big things you need to achieve overall. They should be SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Everything you do should contribute towards one or more of these objectives.

Key activities are the fundamentals you to help meet those objectives. They could also be anything else that you feel is important but that doesn’t fit into any of the other sections.

There’s a section at the bottom of the wedding business planning grid for social media and blog posts to plan. Based on feedback, I’ve made this quite large as I know this is such an important way to showcase your business.

There’s also a business or personal admin section. This can cover any of those admin jobs that are always hard to fit in. If they’re on the grid, it might help you to make progress.

Meetings and networking can be a bit of a challenge so that’s on there too. Hopefully you can focus on doing that more so it becomes second nature and a habit as it so useful.

Do the brave, uncomfortable stuff too!

If all of that wasn’t tough enough, I added something in there to push you out of your comfort zone – be brave! And not forgetting that you need to take some time out so make sure you plan something that’s fun.

Download time!

So, get my wedding business planning grid downloaded and give it a go! Do let me know how you get on with it. Tell your friends too. If it needs tweaking, share your ideas – I might even make a bespoke version, just for you!

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