Setting up a new business is daunting enough. But when you have to create a visual brand identity to engage customers, you need support from an expert. Therefore, this book by Fiona Humberstone is a good place to start to brand your business.

As small and fledgling businesses, we all want to stand out from the crowd. Therefore a strong brand identity is essential for this. We all look at established brands and everything they do has visual harmony and a consistent look across logos, fonts and use of colours. Hence, the big, established brands make it look easy!

Whilst creating the brand for your business isn’t impossible, there are some important considerations. It’s a wonderful, creative process that you can embrace through this book, which breaks things down into easy to digest segments.

“This process is about creating something magical, something that creates an emotional connection between you, your business and your customer. It’s about tapping into the overwhelming majority of people who buy with their hearts, not their heads.” Fiona Humberstone

Fiona encourages readers to take dedicated time to think about your ideal customer, your business vision – and what makes your business unique. She takes you through the anatomy of a brand, from logos, colours and typefaces; through to devices, icons, illustrations and photography. There’s a great template you can use to pull all of this together so you can see how – and if – all your chosen elements work. I have to admit that I really enjoyed putting my brand anatomy together.

Seeing how established brands do it

The book contains some examples and case studies from a range of established business. As a result, this helps to see the consistent application of fonts and colours. Plus, it’s clear how harmonious it can look when the principles are followed.

There are also step by step guides to help choose colours; designing your logo; working with design agencies and applying your brand to a business card or website. Click to Tweet

Whilst it can feel really daunting and knowing where to start is tough, I would encourage you to take some time to brand your business. It’s really empowering to have some focused attention on your business and especially to think about communicating what you are about.

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