It can be very easy to focus on your bride and groom and other guests when delivering a wedding. But you need to be kind to yourself. Remember that you can only thrive and do your best for your clients if you’re on top of your game. Here are some tips to take care of you both in the run up to, and on the big day itself.

Preparation is key 

Think more widely than just the day itself. You can’t get to the big day and be totally worn out, strung out and stressed out, so much so that the whole event feels like a chore. You can only be at your best if you’ve been kind to your mind and body. 

So, forward planning is essential. Make sure you’ve had plenty of sleep and eaten well in the days running up to the event. If you’re into the gym or running make time for a workout; it will really help to manage your stress levels. If not, at least take a walk around your local park. I know planning is hectic but you need some time out for you too. 

I often find that if I take a moment to relax, I can solve a problem or even dream up a big idea that will wow everyone. 

Then on the day itself… 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate 

And I don’t mean with champagne (sorry)! Drink a litre of water on waking up, if you can. Then make up drinks to take with you to have during the day. I have a bit of squash in 600ml bottle and I can easily get through 4 of these, minimum. 

Think about the locations within the venue that you may be using as a base at different parts of the day. Position your drink supplies in these places so you don’t have to carry a drink around but you know they will be waiting for you when you get there. It takes me less than 10 seconds to drink half a litre – everyone has time for that. 

Think nutrition – for a better you inside and out 

Start the day with a good breakfast. Think carbs and proteins for energy that lasts. If you don’t think you’ll make time for meals then plan ahead. Make a sandwich or salad box. Fill a snack box with nuts and fruit. Pick up a couple of bananas. All very easily portable items that mean there’s no excuse not to eat well. In fact I’ll let you in on a secret that I will often eat a banana whilst on a loo break – well, it serves two important purposes doesn’t it?!?! 

Think holistically 

We all have daily rituals that help us get through the day and feel our best. When I’m running an event I like to have a small make-up bag on standby with essentials such as lip gloss (to perfect that pout), pressed powder (to stay shine free) and blusher (as no-one wants to see anyone looking pale and pasty!). A 1 minute touch-up on a toilet break can mean you look your best should you be caught in any photos with your clients. 

Stay fresh 

Running around all day can leave you hot and bothered so think about having the essentials on hand so you can freshen up as needed. It’s about being kind to your body and those around you! My go-to items that are often on hand include mouthwash, chewing gum and sugar free mints; as well as deodorant, dry shampoo and hairspray. A regime that takes just two minutes can freshen me up for a few more hours ahead – and mean I’m much more fragrant to be around. 

I should add that I don’t tend to reapply perfume. When leaning over or in close contact with people, it’s not good to be smelling too strongly. This can sometimes have the opposite effect. 

So just remember that you can only be at your best if you be kind to yourself. By following some – or all – of these tips you’ll create the most amazing day for your client and you’ll be able to enjoy it more too. 

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