It’s the biggest day of your life. So here’s my rundown of things you shouldn’t do on your wedding day. You’ll thank me for thinking of these for you.

Obsess over timings

Don’t wear your wrist watch or check the clock too much. There will be plenty of other people whose job it is to do this. If you have a wedding planner, they will coordinate everything and should subtly guide you, if needed. This means you can focus on enjoying every minute of your special day.

Get drunk

Beautiful brides ooze class. I’ll never forget that image of TV presenter Zoe Ball arriving at her wedding to DJ Norman Cook, drunk and wielding a bottle of JD. Not a good look – nor a good outcome for their nuptials. So definitely one of the things you shouldn’t do on your wedding day.

Of course you should have fun – you deserve it after all that build up. But taking advantage of the open bar is one of the things you shouldn’t do on your wedding day. Enjoy a champagne toast and your signature cocktail – but keep a clear head so you can soak up every part of the day – not the contents of the bar.

Skip the food and drink

Conversely, it’s important you take care of you, both in the run up to and on your big day. You may be too busy – or too nervous – to eat the morning of your wedding. But your body needs fuel to get through the big day! And yes, peeing in a ball gown is tricky. However, having an awesome day when you’re dehydrated is even trickier.

high heeled bridal shos
Shoes by

Wear killer heels all day

However gorgeous your wedding shoes are, after a while your feet may not thank you. Consider changing into something more comfortable later in the day. The wedding breakfast is a great time to sit and relax. If you’ve got floor length table cloths no-one will know you’re wearing your slippers! You can then slide back into your dream shoes for your first dance. After that, opt for something more practical to dance the night away with your new husband.

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Don’t take your phone to your wedding

Leave the photo taking and video making to the professionals you’ve hired for the day. Leave your phone at home so you can look up, listen and hear every aspect of your day. Your nearest and dearest will be in the room so talk to them in person instead! Having a break from social media for the day will also do you good. And you can enjoy catching up on messages and photos for days to come afterwards.

Complain or argue

If one of your suppliers isn’t living up to expectations, it’s far better to have a quiet word than a shouting match. Getting into an argument is definitely one of the things you shouldn’t do on your wedding day. Or if you’re in-laws aren’t completely your cup of tea, be polite and then move on to other guests. Keep gripes for another day, no matter who they might be with so they don’t spoil your special day.

If you have a wedding planner looking after your day, all the details should be taken care of. It means issues shouldn’t arise in the first place. But if they do you have someone who should deal with them professionally on your behalf.

Lose your husband

This sounds like a no-brainer, but happens a lot! There will be lots of guests to mingle with and the day often goes by in a flash. So whenever you can, hold on tightly to your husband’s hand, greet your guests together, and start as your married life as you mean to go on. Together.

If you need some help planning a day to remember, I’m here to take all the stress and strain for you. And I can certainly help you avoid things you shouldn’t do on your wedding day! Get in touch and let’s get planning – I’m always available for a complimentary consultation to talk through your ideas.

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