I’m often asked to create flower arrangements to decorate wedding cakes. But they need choosing with care. Having some of these flowers on your wedding cake could be deadly.

Did you know that some of the most beautiful and popular flowers can be harmful to our health? Some flowers and foliages can irritate your skin if you touch them. And others, well, there are some you just don’t want to have either in your bouquet or on your cake.

Here are some of the ones you need to avoid because these flowers on your wedding cake could be deadly:

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Anemones. A very popular Spring flower. And a super pretty one too. But they are poisonous and a definite no-no for coming into contact with food

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley or Convallaria. A firm favourite for those who love its sweet fragrance and pretty, bell-like flowers. Great for hand-tied posies. But keep them there. Ingesting these flowers is not good for your health.


Delphinium. Always great for a statement arrangement or smaller varieties will work in posies. But all parts of the Delphinium are poisonous so need handling with care. Please don’t be tempted to use the flower heads as cake decoration as these flowers on your wedding cake could be deadly.

Sunny daffodils are not such a sunny cake decorating choice

Gillian – Wedding Florist, Where Bees Meet

Daffodils. Whilst a super Spring favourite, Daffodils have a lot of sap in their stems. The sap is toxic to other flowers so you shouldn’t really combine them with other flowers. And who wants all that sap on their wedding cake?


Gypsophila or Baby’s Breath. Lots of brides ask me about using this popular miniature flower. I’m not a big fan as I don’t like the pungent smell. (I often suggest my brides go and smell it before they decide they definitely want me to use it!) (Then they come back and ask me for other ideas!!!) Despite the fairy tale romance and ‘frothiness’ gyp offers, it’s toxic if eaten. It can also irritate your nose and cause asthma.


Aquilegia. A true cottage garden favourite. A perfect flower for brides who would like a garden-y feel. The slim stems and graceful heads look super pretty – but another choice that’s poisonous.

Papaver or Poppy. A cheery, much loved Summer flower now available in a beautiful grey tone, besides the well-known red, yellow or pink varieties.

The stems produce latex which can irritate skin; but eating poppies will make you poorly.

There are lots of flowers for your wedding day that are safe to handle and safe to put on your wedding cake. It’s always best to ask the advice of a professional florist who can help. I’m always here for advice – and I’m never short of ideas! Get in touch and I can help you choose the best – and safest – flowers to use on your wedding day.

Need more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest boards with more ideas for your wedding day flowers.

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