“Some of my guests aren’t happy with the seating plan. Should I listen to their demands or stick with my original plan? I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable but I have more important things to worry about right now!”

Why is it that the wedding day seating plan is one of the biggest causes of stress and arguments?

So this is easy for me to answer. Stick with you original plan girl! I say this because yes, you do have too much else to worry about!

In my experience, I’ve noticed people going to find their seat as soon as they get to a venue to see who they’re sitting with. I have also seen guests move place settings around (such as a lady who wanted to sit next to someone else’s husband!!!), as well as people switching places between courses.

Keep your seating plan as a surprise

I would also argue that you should keep the seating plan to yourselves as much as possible. And certainly don’t share it ahead of the day. No-one really needs to know who they’re sat with. The only thing you do need to think about is parents and young children being together. And make sure your venue has details of individuals’ dietary requirements and where they are sitting.

The key thing for you is that you have the most important people on your top table. The wedding breakfast is just two hours of the entire day so leave the others to work it out amongst themselves. Or just put them as far away as possible!

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