“Me and my boyfriend are going to be wedding guests amongst people who I know don’t like me. I think it might be awkward. How should I handle the situation?”

Oh no, I appreciate how uncomfortable you must be feeling. A wedding day should be a happy occasion. No-one wants to be that wedding guest who causes a scene.

There are a number of ways you could handle this. Firstly, it depends on how large the wedding is, whether you can ‘avoid’ these people and how you think they might react.

If there are plenty of other people you can talk to, I suggest you circulate and mingle to your heart’s content with everyone else. Make it your quest to socialise with all other wedding guests – other than these tricky characters!

Using this approach will mean you have lots of people to chat to and this will occupy your thoughts – but in a positive way!

Be the dream wedding guests

If you’re at the same table for the wedding breakfast you’ll need to deploy different tactics! Greet everyone as genuinely as possible and see how they respond. You could even be super gushing with them and just see if they dare be rude back! It may be because you’re at an event with lots of other people, it would be harder for them to make a scene.

Once the wedding breakfast is finished, you should be free to leave the table and move on. If these people have been tricky you know there will be a time when you can escape and move on to friendlier faces.

I would sincerely hope you’re only referring to a couple of people. So above all else, it’s really important to rise above it and be the better person for not reigniting any spats.

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