Lots brides I work with ask for fresh flowers to decorate their wedding cake. This is a great idea as it can mean your flower theme is on your bouquet and your cake! It’s also one of the biggest wedding cake trends right now! So here are my tips and ideas on how to attach fresh flowers to your wedding cake.

Choosing flowers

Boho bride inspiration

It’s important to choose flowers that are non-toxic. I wrote a blog post where you can find out more about the flowers you should avoid. The wrong choice of flowers or foliage could spell disaster on what should be a happy occasion.

When flowers are grown, farms can use pesticides to combat bugs and diseases. Buy from a farmer who works organically. Or choose flowers that are locally grown without the use of chemicals. Flowers From The Farm can help you find a local grower so you can cut down on those air miles too.

Make sure wash the stems or foliages to try and remove any pesticides or chemicals that might be on them. This won’t take long and will give you peace of mind.

How to attach flowers

Keep contact between the cake and the flowers to a minimum. You also want the flowers to last all day and not wilt if they are out of water. One idea is to have a cake hoop. Here lush flowers and foliage can surround your cake, but don’t need to touch it. And it looks fabulous!

how to attach flowers to your wedding cake

Use rice paper

Depending on the size and positioning of the fresh flowers, you could add pieces or strips of edible rice paper around your cake. These can then form a ‘barrier’ so the flowers won’t actually touch your cake.

Use flower picks

It’s easy to get hold of flower picks for cake decorating with fresh flowers. Picks are slim plastic tubes that you can put flower stems into. You can push the pick, with the flower inside, into your cake. Using picks means the flower will not touch your cake – and you can put a little bit of water in there to keep the flower damp. This will mean the flowers will look better for longer and the cake is safer to eat.

Wire and tape your flowers

these flowers on your wedding cake could be deadly

You could also ask a florist to professionally wire and tape all the flowers for you. This means that each flower or piece of foliage is easy to insert into the cake. The tape can also act as a barrier between the flower and the cake.

I’ve seen some terrible videos of cake makers attempting to wire flowers. Doing a bad job of wiring and badly handling the flowers whilst they do it.

Don’t risk damaging the beautiful flowers. Ask a professional florist to wire them for you.

Use small foam or moss holders

how to attach flowers to your wedding cake

If your cake is on a large base, you can add flowers in small foam containers such as a mini-deco. You can arrange the flowers and foliage in a perfect position and put the container on the cake tiers. This means the flowers will not touch the cake – and your flowers will be in water so they will last longer too.

If you’re worried about the flowers touching your cake, then why not put them between the layers, like this example (right and from Pinterest)

Need more ideas on how to attach fresh flowers to your wedding cake?

I love working with clients who love fresh flowers as much as I do! So it’s great to work with some talented bakers to create designs to decorate wedding cakes. I hope my ideas on how to safely attach fresh flowers to your wedding cake are helpful. Get in touch if you would like to chat about your wedding flowers. Or look at my fresh flowers on wedding cakes board on Pinterest for more inspiration.

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