Experts say on the scale of life events, getting married is one of the top 10 most stressful activities. But you don’t need to have that wedding stress. I firmly believe it doesn’t have to be this way!

Psychiatrists Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe asked patients to score life events. This was part of their work to determine if stressful events might cause illness. So they developed a scale – the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale of 43 stressful life events that can contribute to illness. The scores given are relative for the event and how stressful people found them.

How does a wedding score on the stress scale? Pretty high - but it doesn't need to. Click to Tweet

So, out of 100. How much do you think getting married scores? 50. Placing it 7th on the list! That’s major wedding stress!

But it gets even more worrying. If either partner already has children, the stress point score for their offspring rises significantly to 95!

Less wedding stress – more wedding joy

A wedding should be a joyous occasion. I think society has placed far too much emphasis on having the best celebration ever. We ask way too much of ourselves – and the bar we set is too high to reach.

If you can work through the process for planning your wedding in a more relaxed way, you will enjoy it so much more. You’ll get to the big day and it will be tremendous fun. I’ve seen brides so stressed out that they’re incapable of relaxing and being in the moment. They just want the day over and done with. How sad is that.

Please, don’t be that stressed couple.

I want to help. So download my Wedding planning guide. And if you’d like some help with some or all of the planning for your day, then please get in touch. (For the sake of your health – and your relationship – if nothing else!)

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