The confetti shot of the bride and groom is one of those memorable, photo worthy wedding day opportunities. An increasing number of venues don’t allow confetti so you may need to check and think again about how you create that photographic moment. So here’s why some venues don’t allow confetti – and other alternatives you could try.

The tradition of throwing confetti over the bride and groom comes from Italy. Before paper confetti, there were flowers, petals, grain or rice thrown at the happy couple. The intention being to bestow prosperity and fertility. But not everyone is keen:

  • It makes a mess. Many churches don’t have people to clear it up afterwards but they may allow it in their grounds, rather than in the church itself
  • Some churches also have public footpaths running through or near them. With a responsibility to keep these clear and safe, confetti can spell wider complaints
  • It’s not degradable. Rice, some papers and glitter confetti particularly, are not degradable so these are not a suitable alternative, particularly for wildlife and the environment

Confetti alternatives and other ways to use it for your celebration

  • Have confetti at your reception instead
  • Use paper streamers. These can be easier to clear up afterwards and can be soured in every possible colour to match your design scheme
  • Have bubbles. From small bottles for guests or the giant bubble wands that are very easy to find nowadays. The colours from the bubbles will make your photos look unbelievable. Just think about your floor coverings as bubbles can make hard floors slippery
  • Flower petals can be another alternative but use with caution as they can stain brides’ dresses, particularly if they get wet. Mix and match your petal choices to not only suit your colour theme but also to include flowers that fall to the ground delicately such as delphiniums or wild flowers. This will mean your photographer has plenty of time for all the shots you need
  • Bird seed is a nice idea, but only if the birds discover it later on. A bride with bird poo on her dress isn’t a great alternative either
  • Have noise makers. Provide your guests with hooters, ribbon sticks with bells, whistles …whatever takes your fancy so they can make a fabulous noise instead
  • Glow sticks can be a good option for a send off later in the evening – you can even get long ones that twirl very well
  • Ribbon sticks can also be decorated with sparkly ribbon and sequins to add some pizzazz
  • Dry leaves are a perfect option for Autumn weddings. Select the leaves carefully and do this on grass where they can safely degrade. Another alternative is eucalyptus leaves which often feature in bridal bouquets nowadays
  • Lavender is more acceptable to some venues when compared to seed or flower petals
  • Paper aeroplanes can be matched to your colour scheme. You could even ask guests to write a message on for you to keep.

The ‘confetti moment’ is a really popular way to celebrate your day. There are many other ways to celebrate in style so you don’t have to feel like you are missing out if your venue doesn’t allow it.

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